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The Ambassador of Vietnam in Italy Duong Hai Hung met the Major of Torino Mr. Stefano Lo Russo

On the 10th June 2022, the Ambassador of Vietnam Duong Hai Hung met the Major of Torino, Mr. Stefano Lo Russo, and the Assessor of Piemonte Region for finance, economic-financial program, holdings, small and medium size companies growth, Mr. Tronzano Andrea.

The Ambassador Duong Hai Hung showed Vietnam development potentialities and priorities on the medium and long time. He committed in promoting the multilateral cooperation relationship existing between Vietnam and Italy, prioritizing politics, economy, culture, education, tourism and local cooperation. He also affirmed the growing exchange in tourism, students, entrepreneurships, as well as the presence of the Honorary Consul of Vietnam and of the Chamber of Commerce Italy-Vietnam in Torino, are bridges to link and strengthen the relation among the two countries. The Ambassador also asked Piemonte Region and the City of Torino to coordinate and give support to the Embassy during the planning for the celebration of diplomatic relationship 50th anniversary and of strategic partnership between the two Countries 10th anniversary in 2023. He also demanded for attention and favourable condition from local institutions to Vietnamese community in Piemonte.

The Major of Torino seemed to be astonished in front of Vietnamese economy dynamic development, agreeing on the fact that the two countries should strengthen cooperation in order to exploit the huge possibilities given by bilateral relations. He stated that City of Torino wants to promote in the coming future cooperation with Vietnam and its own twin city, Ho Chi Minh city, assuring full availability in sustaining and coordinating with the Embassy for diplomatic relationships Italy-Vietnam 50th anniversary celebration in 2023.

Piemonte Region Assessor stated Vietnam recalls interest by regional companies, being a prioritized market in south-east Asia, and added that the government commits in giving all the favorable conditions to entrepreneurship in order to increase investments and turnover in Vietnam. At the end, he spoke about the planning of a business trip for looking for cooperation opportunities.

Source: Embassy of Vietnam in Italia


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